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Join the Effort to Support Local Families This Christmas

Today I’m reaching out to share something very close to my heart and integral to what we do here at Neighborhood House.

Our Adopt A Family program has been a cornerstone of community support for many years, uniting generous individuals and organizations with those who need a little extra help during the holiday season.

As Christmas approaches, our Family Services teams in Wilmington and Middletown work tirelessly to ensure our neighbors have food on the table and gifts under the tree. Last year alone, 365 households were able to experience the joy of the season thanks to their hard work.

But the true magic of Adopt A Family lies in your involvement. The program thrives on participation. Donations of food, gifts, and time are so appreciated — and needed! — but so too is your willingness to let others know we're here if they need us.

The easiest way to get involved in Adopt A Family is to reach out to the Neighborhood House office closest to you.

To our friends in and around Middletown, just call (302) 378-7217. And if you’re in Wilmington, call (302) 658-5404 — please ask for Kelly Lacy in Family Services.

Whether you find yourself in a place to be generous or in need of support, we welcome your participation!

Together, we can write yet another chapter of compassion and care this Christmas.

Thank you!

- Alison

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