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When There's Nowhere Else to Turn

Let me just say right up front that your involvement in Neighborhood House's work brings change that resonates throughout our community, empowering individuals and families to face the future with confidence.

We take great joy in serving our neighbors. We want them to feel a deep sense of belonging, secure in the knowledge that they have a supportive community that not only values them but is committed to their success.

What follows is the body of a letter we sent out last week. I'm sharing it here, in this format, because I think Neighborhood House is so much stronger when we come together, united in our efforts to make a difference.


When unexpected challenges arise, where do you turn?

 If you’re lucky enough to have a support network, people you can count on, you probably lean on them. But what if you don’t have anyone who can help when adversity strikes.

That’s where Neighborhood House comes in.

For those who are struggling, with nowhere to turn, our door is always open. And what we offer is so much more than food or financial assistance, as essential as those things are. Neighborhood House provides a refuge from the storms of life.

When a client walks through our doors, they’re met with acceptance, compassion, and hope. Because nothing can really begin to change until a person knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they’re in a safe and welcoming place.

For Candice, a single mom doing everything she can to provide for her daughter, Neighborhood House didn’t just help her stay in her apartment. We helped her discover that she was capable of so much more — that she could take control of her finances and avert another crisis.

What started with rental assistance became a journey of budgeting, planning, and goal-setting, helping Candice see that she had the means to provide for herself and her daughter. And despite setbacks and struggles, she’s been able to keep up with her rent and is planning wisely for the future.

In a recent email, Candice wrote, “Thank you tremendously for your care, and the concern and understanding you’ve shown me!”

For so many of our clients, turning to family or friends isn’t an option, so they turn to us. And what they find is exactly what Candice found: care, concern, and understanding.

Last year alone, more than 2,200 people came to Neighborhood House for help, and that was just Family Services. Hundreds more were served through our housing, youth, and children’s programs.

And that’s where you come in…

You can be part of our life-changing work by supporting Neighborhood House. Your donation will help us continue to be a hub of hope and encouragement — a place where breakthroughs and turnaround stories happen every day.

So please, make a tax-deductible contribution today. Together, we can ensure that families like Candice’s always have somewhere to turn. Because no one should ever have to face tough times alone.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

~ Alison Windle

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