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On the Road Again: The Power of Community Support

Today’s a day of celebration and gratitude. The culmination of our Revive the Ride campaign is here, and we couldn't be more thrilled to present our new (to us) bus!

In June, we opened our hearts about the challenges we faced when our bus was so heavily vandalized that we couldn’t drive or repair it. It was a total loss.

Our initial plea for help wasn't just about replacing a vehicle, it was about uniting to overcome obstacles and enhancing transportation options for our youth. And the support we’ve received, not just in donations but in encouragement, has been incredible!

Every text message that’s been sent, every email that’s been forwarded, every social media post that’s been shared, every dollar that’s been given, has fueled our momentum.

We experienced firsthand the beauty that emerges during trying times. From local businesses generously supporting our campaign to individuals donating when they heard the news, the last few months have reminded us that when the chips are down there’s a community that stands with us!

Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who's been by our side. You’ve breathed life into our mission, helping to ensure that we can continue serving our neighbors in transformative ways.

As we close the book on our Revive the Ride campaign, let me just say that everything we've been given, including this amazing bus, is proof that there's no shortage of kind and generous people who really care when crisis hits.

Thank you for supporting our work!

- Alison

An incredible gift — our new (to us) bus!

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