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Grateful for those who came before…

Mr. Bernie Wilkins

How grateful to God we are for those who came before us. Reading about the past can give us hope for the future. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Mr. Wilkins, but after pulling up 22-year-old notes on his time here at Neighborhood House, it is evident, the youth of Neighborhood House and all that knew him were blessed by his presence. Here are just a few of the accounts of Mr. Wilkins interaction with our community:

Mr. Wilkins worked with the youth and provided leadership for them beyond normal duties and responsibilities. He was loved by all that knew him. His dedication to our youth and all youth was obvious by how he organized and implemented multi-site activities for kids- not just in Southbridge but throughout the city.

Bernie’s dedication exceeded all standards. He was always available for the kids, was on time, applied his self to any task given including All- Stars, Homework Assistance Program and the Extended Hours Program. He exceeded every target number for the All-Star Program and worked with Homework Assistance Program participants.

He encouraged students to excel and be productive by doing more than what’s required.

Mr. Wilkins had a great relationship with schools, summer camps and other community organizations providing young adults and children programs enrichment.

Neighborhood House sends prayers of condolence to family and friends of Mr. Wilkins.

Thank you, Lord, for your steadfast love of Mr. Wilkins, the Neighborhood House and all generations to come.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ms. Alison Windle

Executive Director

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