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Eunice LaFate: Artist, Teacher, Mentor, Friend.

There's a saying that goes, "When looking for treasures, sometimes you need only look as far as your own back yard." This treasure is in our back yard, and she brings all of the elements of greatness with her.

Eunice LaFate doesn't just teach art, she teaches determination, faith, belief in yourself and celebration of life. She has a heart for the arts, children and the community. A self-taught artist, she determined at a young age that art was what she loved, and art was what she'd do.

From humble beginnings to owning her own art gallery, creating hundreds of original pieces along the way, including one that hangs in former President Bill Clinton's office, Eunice is recognized throughout the state of Delaware and beyond as a brilliant artist. She is a pillar in our community.

At Neighborhood House, our children are so fortunate to have her as a mentor and teacher. What she passes on to them is priceless. From Eunice they've learned the significance of diversity and the importance of respecting, celebrating and honoring the difference in cultures. She has a way of bringing out the best in each one of them.

We salute you, Eunice LaFate! You are one of Delaware's finest.

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