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A New Look for Neighborhood House

We’re proud to officially unveil our new corporate logo as part of the ongoing evolution of Neighborhood House’s brand.

The logo was built from the ground up to honor our rich history, while also celebrating our ties to the communities we serve. Realizing that the design choices we made had to serve us well into the future, additional consideration was given to how the logo would age over the coming years — and how it would be received by our youth.

Over the course of three months, we distilled the essence of our brand identity into something that is both positive and memorable, while also being easy to use in an omni-channel environment. We retained our familiar brand colors, red and black, because of their strong resonance among stakeholders. And the inclusion of the cross was a non-negotiable, because as a faith-based organization, it represents the self-giving love of Jesus Christ, whose example we emulate.

As you might expect, today’s announcement was preceded by careful deliberation and lots of hard work. Board involvement was crucial — ultimately, it was their decision to move forward with our new logo. And we are thrilled with the end result. Our hope and prayer is that it captures the very best of who we are and symbolizes our commitment to be there for our neighbors in transformational ways.

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