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Together, we made 2023 one of our best years yet!

As we embrace the possibilities of 2024, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve been on over the last twelve months. Your dedication and involvement, at every turn, have been the cornerstone of our success.

In 2023, we witnessed powerful moments of unity and support. From Do More 24 to Brewing for a Better Community, we saw our programs and services strengthened as new and old friends rallied around us.

When we came to you with the news that our bus had been vandalized, the response was overwhelming. Not only did we end up with a new-to-us bus, but we were reminded that when the chips are down there’s a community that stands with us.

The response to our Pack the Pantry initiative was unprecedented, filling up empty shelves with food for hungry families. And during the holiday season, hundreds more were served through our Adopt A Family program — all of it fueled by the generosity and compassion of our partners and friends. 

To top it all off, we closed the books on 2023 with another reason to celebrate, as we surpassed our year-end campaign goal. It's amazing to look back and realize that each of these wins is due, in no small part, to the combined effort of hundreds of people — including you.

Looking ahead, we are filled with hope and optimism, because we know we're stronger together. With your continued support, we can build a future where every member of our community feels valued, supported, and empowered.

Thank you for being a vital part of our Neighborhood House family. Your unwavering belief in our mission is such an encouragement to me and my team!

- Alison

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