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Hope Can't Wait

Updated: May 2

If I had to pick just three words to define our work at Neighborhood House, they would have to be hope can’t wait. Nothing else captures the sense of optimism and urgency I feel as I think about those we’re called to serve.

There’s something about hope that leads to progress. It pulls us up and carries us forward. But hope also has a way of reassuring us that a brighter future is possible.

Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you that a setback isn’t permanent, that a job loss or eviction notice isn’t the end of the story. That reminder, coupled with concrete, supportive actions, has a way of inspiring hope in others. We see it every day at Neighborhood House.

And because we help people in some of their most difficult moments, hope is a non-negotiable for us. It’s one thing to offer food, clothing, and financial assistance, but it’s another thing entirely to do it in a way that reminds our clients of their dignity — that they’re worthy of love and support.

You see, hope rises in the hearts of those who know how much they matter. To undermine despair, our neighbors in need must be met with compassion. Trying to make do with the little they have isn’t easy; it takes a toll. And when the stress and strain are too great to bear alone, that’s when they come to us — which is why I’m coming to you.

In a communication like this, the easy and expected thing for me to say would be some version of “We need your help.” And while it would be entirely true, it wouldn’t go far enough. Here’s why: To meet the challenges we face, what Neighborhood House needs more than anything else is your steady, reliable support.

Neighborhood House needs partners: like-minded friends who invest in our mission on a monthly basis. One-time gifts are wonderful, but recurring donations help us plan for the future. They make it possible for us to maintain our programs and services — to be there for those who need us most.

Right now, your sustained support would have an enormous, positive impact, providing us with the critical resources we need to help our clients navigate the challenges they face.

Our Family Services program is responsible for crisis alleviation and homelessness prevention, and it’s facing a $35,000 funding shortfall. With a monthly gift, you can help us chip away at this deficit. But more importantly, you can ensure there’s no interruption to the critical services we offer.

Hope can’t wait. For us, those three words are more than a maxim. They’re a rallying cry, a mandate. They keep our hearts open to every person who walks through our doors.

For almost a century, Neighborhood House has been faithfully serving the community. Woven throughout our history is a steadfast commitment to do the most good for the greatest number of people. What’s made it possible is the generous support of people like you.

Today, I hope you’ll consider partnering with us to bring hope to children and their families.

- Alison

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