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Dear Parents, You did it!!

You're at the finish line! You've fed them, clothed them, coached and encouraged them, and now they are ready for graduation! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back! You raised brilliance and excellence! You did great! Your child is ready for the chapter!

So, what does the next chapter look like? College? Gap year? Trade school? Work? Every student has different needs.

College is an excellent choice! When your student knows his or her career path, they can pursue a specific degree in that field.

Trade school is also a good option. Certifications can be obtained in a shorter period of time than a college degree, in some cases, a students can begin working and getting paid in their desired field of work immediately. For more information on this type of program, take a look at the information provided by Job Corp, below.

Job Corps Brochure
Download PDF • 780KB

student welcome guide
Download PDF • 813KB

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