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The "A" in STEAM

Updated: Apr 18, 2023






The kids in our Youth Development Program are learning how to use the arts as a creative outlet for overall wellness. Each week, members of our creative community come in to teach the kids things like music and visual arts.

Eunice Lafate, owner of the Lafate Gallery in Wilmington, guides the kids in using different mediums to create images as a form of self-expression. This week's theme was, "Spring is in the air."

Mr. Aaron teaches the kids about the history of African drumming, how the shape of the drum produces different sounds, and drumming technique.

And Neighborhood House Board Member and Pastor of Odessa United Methodist Church, Rev. Kevin Benjamin, teaches the kids how to play the piano. They learn how to measure the beat in music, read notes, and how to create chords.

Creating in a group environment encourages the kids to use principles they learned in SEL workshops. In this creative space, the kids encourage and support each other, and build stronger friendships with their peers and teachers. Creative activity also promotes better decision making and helps them manage stress.

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Jossi Harris
Jossi Harris
Mar 16, 2022

This is so fantastic.

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