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On the Way to Wonderful

In our profession of serving children and families, we encounter people with situations that often warm our hearts. When they overcome challenges and hit milestones, we celebrate their successes. We even tell you about them, because everyone loves a success story. But we can’t tell one side of the story and not the other. How do we handle the hard stuff? For example, what do we do when a parent disappears for days at a time and leaves the children (the youngest, two years old) with a family member? While the children might be willing to, or able to articulate so much, there is evidence of trauma in the household, and the kids caught in the middle. At Neighborhood House we ensure that every child is fed is safe during the hours they are in our care. We give them a space where they can simply be kids who don’t have to carry the burdens of a complicated world on their shoulders. But what happens when they are not in our care?

Photo credit: @sevenshooterimage | Unsplash
Stock Photo by @sevenshooterimage

This is just one example of one story that has unfolded at Neighborhood House. This child – this family’s story is still unfolding. Hopefully and prayerfully we can help bring about a wonderful change for this family. On the way to wonderful, we aren’t so presumptuous to call ourselves saviors. Every story doesn’t have a neat, clean, and perfect ending. But we do our best to have a positive impact on every life we touch. We are grateful that

you support us on this journey.

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