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National Depression Screening Day

It's OK to have a mental illness — many of us do.

One in five Americans experience a mental illness each year. On average, people live with the symptoms of a mental illness for 10 years before seeking treatment, largely due to the stigma. The sooner people get treatment, the greater their chances of recovery.

It's OK because it's a physical ailment — not a character flaw.

Mental illnesses are biological conditions that can be treated, just liker cancer and diabetes. They cannot be overcome through "will power" and are not related to a person's character or intelligence.

It's OK because it's treatable — life can get better.

The best treatments for serious mental illnesses today are highly effective. In fact, more than 70 percent of symptoms are reduced and people feel better when following their treatment plans.

If you're feeling sad, anxious or overwhelmed, take a free, anonymous mental health self-assessment on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Download the event flyer: [English] [Spanish]

This event is offered in partnership with the Mental Health Association in Delaware.

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